Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 2012 - 17th Century Warfare Month

Warfare in the 17th Century Showcase Month
 The 17th Century, like many other centuries, was a time of great conflict and significant changes in culture, religion, politics, and science.
We are pleased to make May 17th Century Conflict month at Architects of War.
It’s a great period to explore with tabletop miniatures. There is the Thirty Years War, the English Civil War, and even conflict in the Americas as the European colonization begins.
A great kick off is the New Pikeand Shotte rulebook from Warlord Games:
As you can see from the fabulous cover, the book covers more than just English Civil War and Thirty Years War. A labor of love, written by Steve Morgan, the book also covers the Italian Wars, Tudor Wars in the British Isles, and War of the Grand Alliance. 

The format of the inner pages will be a familiar one to those who already own our Hail Caesar and Black Powder rulebooks – loads of eye candy to back up the rules! With 208 pages in the book you’ll be kept busy for some time digesting the rules or drooling over the photographs of beautifully painted miniatures. This 208 page hardback book is chock full of exquisitely painted miniatures, army lists, and a battle report.
 Looking for something a little different, but still 17th Century, how about WITCHFINDER GENERAL:
In the 17th century, in the lead up to the English Civil Wars, courageous Witchfinders battle against many vile abominations that plague a once green and pleasant land. Clandestine Vampire factions secretly strive for dominion over a deceived nation.

The rules, written by Eric Barnes, are designed for two players (or two sides) using bands of 28mm models and are inspired by myth, legend, historical events and classic horror movies in a fast and ferocious wargame!
Pssst- HERE are some great models to go with this one!
Warlord  Games  produce a large Range for the Thirty Years War and the ECW
You can see the ranges HERE and HERE 
We are running some FABULOUS DEALS to build your armies too.
PERRY MINIATURES makes a beautiful range of 17th Century Figures too:
GRIPPING BEAST makes Early North American Natives in the form of Skraelings, a limited edition set for SAGA- drop us an email to check our stock level. These models plus a box of the Warlord plastic infantry are perfect for early colonial conflict in America such as Jamestown.
Architects of War makes lots of terrain perfect for your 17th Century battlefields.
Our General Range  includes wells, donkey mills, siege tools, pigs,chickens, gabions and more:

  For fortifications , THESE are perfect:
And available as SINGLE PIECES too:

For Plastic Terrain Kits RENEDRA makes a large line of terrain items including the NEW Palisade and NEW Wattle fencing, a wonderful pontoon bridge set and even a grave yard set:

And don’t forget the NEW Perry Miniatures Plastic Medieval House kit, perfect for the 17thCentury!
For all your basing needs, RENEDRA has you covered here:
Well, that is certainly a lot of information to digest!  Once you have your head wrapped around all these great things, head over to the website and place your order so you can start your 17th Century Gaming today!

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