Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blast From The Past

Saturday afternoon  we drove to Baltimore to rescue my grandson from the waiting room at the hospital where his other grandpa was( he’s fine now). Sunday, we helped my son-in-law with his broken down car. Very busy and crazy. Anyway, in sticking with our new “let’s take Sunday off policy,” I made it all the way to Sunday off number three this past weekend. However I couldn’t relax, go figure, so what did I do? I ended up painting more bloody figures…

In the US during the 1970’s there was a company called Heritage Miniatures. They truly were the “GW” of their day. Their stuff was everywhere, and in 1972 they made the very first metal wargaming figures I ever saw.

So Sunday comes and I try to watch ye olde telly and ended up seeing an old episode of Star Trek.  This reminded me - I bought some Star Trek figures once…in 1978 in fact!

I found them and painted them, 34 bloody years later. I have lots more and I am currently tracking a shuttle craft on eBay.  Who says you can’t finish your lead mountain?

This project also stirred up the memory of the Giant Brand Hong Kong figures you could buy here in the States from drug stores and the back of comic books. Imagine being 9 years old and having two .25 cent pieces in front  of the small selection of toys at the corner druggist. Can you then imagine going to a toy store today and buying a bag of 1/72 figures called “Mongolians and Castle” for .39 cents? Ah, 1969 was a good year!

I just found some for sale on eBay Sunday too, in the original package no less, but I didn’t buy them.  I also confess that the astronauts and aliens were my favorites. Maybe it was those latent memories that made me dig out those old, horrid Star Trek figures. Or perhaps I have truly gone mad.

Anyway, I did relax on Sunday in the end. The inner child was satisfied!!!

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