Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Best Plastic X-mas Ever?

Hooray for me!

In the picture you can see the VERY special Xmas gift that was my company bonus this year. Architects of War bought me a brand new, fully stocked, double sided Evergreen plastics strip and sheet rack!

Frankly, I am one of the first to stand up and say "Support your local Hobby Shop". Unfortunately at this point the closest one to me is now 45 minutes away. While working on new masters for upcoming products, I needed some more plastic strip stock and dutifully grabbed hat and coat and headed off to the local store.

Alas, once I got there, they did not have what I needed. Worse, this was about the fourth time in a row and I can't afford to waste 2 hours on such matters anymore. So determined to fix the issue, I bought my own rack!

Now, when I need something, its a ten foot walk and they are always open when I need them. The only down side is making sure the inventory is full which isn't to bad because it just slides into our regular inventory process.

As a hobbyist, my own styrene rack is the cats meow. As part of our business its become a flat out necessity!