Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jungle "Foliation" Trial

I had a few minutes today (and late afternoon sun - the first in weeks, I think) so I took some quick pictures of the "test foliation" of our soon-to-be released Jungle Plates.

This picture actually shows one of our palm tree plates converted because I couldn't wait until we received the real ones from our resin caster. I used it as a test bed for the foliage we are including in all the forth coming jungle sets. The real sets will be better. ALL the foliage you see is included. All I had to do was paint the base and tree bits, add some ground foam and then glue on the little clusters of foliage. I made a puddle of superglue in a cap and just dipped and stuck them in pre-drilled holes. We have put little indications of where to drill on the plates. I used a cordless drill and because all the plants are pre-colored, it went very quickly. Not counting paint drying time, I was able to knock this out in a little over an hour.

More on these when they get back from the casters and are ready to be sold. We really wanted these to be some of our best work to date. It was important that they be easy to assemble, durable, and look real - just like all of our terrain kits. There are quite a few items in the intial release.

All the figs are 28mm scale in the pictures.

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