Thursday, September 15, 2011

Don't Tell Ernie I Took His Masters...

Hi everybody!

I 'stole' some masters from Ernie's workbench and took a few pictures to share with you! These items will be part of our newest range, Jungle and Pacific. The first 2 pictures are actual shots from Tarawa. The next couple are of our Tarawa Command Bunker.

The next few pictures are of the Headman's House with a Hidden Bunker. This piece is perfect for WWII Pacific and Africa as well as pirate wargames.

This last master is the Concealed Jungle Bunker which will come with full tree branches, foliage and 'vines'.

All of these items will work beautifully with Warlord Games new Bolt Action Japanese Infantry, Bolt Action US Marines and Bolt Action Chindits just to name a few.

There will be quite a bit more added to this range so, stay tuned!


  1. Oh, I like bunker and hut very much, well done.



  2. This is the stuff I want. Especially the hut. Any chance you could do a couple of them for a small jungle villiage to fight over?

  3. A complete village will be part of the release with huts in various sizes plus some other things...

  4. Really nice. I like the hut too.

  5. i just saw these in person - wow!!!