Monday, May 10, 2010

The Miniature Figure Collectors of America Show

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of going to the Valley Forge Convention Center to see the Miniature Figure Collectors of America show. This was a first for me, as I had not been to a show specialising in larger scale (54mm and up) before. I must say I really enjoyed the "show" itself. The quality of model making and painting was extraordinary. I have seen many GW Golden Demon winners, countless beautifully painted 28mm models and so on but, some of the figures in this show simply took my breath away. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a decent camera and had to use my phone. The pictures attached to this posting are the best I could do and really don't do any kind of justice to the work on display. There were hundreds of models in the show. My favorites included a magically done 54mm child dressed in a pirate costume, looking in a mirror ( I really wish I had a better picture of this one- it was stunning) where a "real" pirate was looking back at him. All in the child's "mind's eye" . I still see myself sitting in the saddle when I take my British Napoleonics to battle in the Peninsula! Great stuff.

Others included a box diorama of German soldiers standing around a camp fire with a "ghost" image (figures painted in shades of gray) in the background reflecting the same scene a hundred years or so earlier, a boarding action set in Napoleonic times, hundreds of beautifully painted knights, and a giant battle scene where some Celts had made it to their Roman enemies' baggage train.

I enjoyed the show and walked away with lots of inspiration. I believe miniature gaming can get to a higher plane. Some of the scenes I saw lead the way. More animation amongst our multi figure stands and more little vignettes. I am definitely going to do some 54mm gaming and make some terrain for it. I am really excited by it all.

There seems to be far more toy soldier shows than Historical "gaming" conventions, albeit they are smaller, I suppose. If one is near you, I really urge you to go. Google "Toy Soldier Shows" to find one near you. The link to the organisation that put on the show I attended was The vendors there were typical of the ones you find at gaming conventions and many had lots of useful military modeling and history books for sale.


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  1. That looked like a great show, sorry I missed it...and right in my neck of the woods too! Thanks for the pics though!